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  • Temperature and corrosion resistant stainless steel alloy.
  • High concentrated air flow for maximum efficiency from 12.8 mm to 4.9 mm diameter.
  • Small stowed away with only 97 mm length, extended maximum distance to the fire/embers to 546 mm in length.
  • Easy to clean. Only wash with water
  • Includes an cotton bag without plastics
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Stainless steel fire blow pipe

The Wikatech fire blowpipe is a very high quality blowpipe made of stainless steel and a cotton bag. Because the telescopic blowpipe has one more element than conventional blowpipes, it is 10 cm longer.

A blowpipe like this one does not seem necessary at first, but at the latest after the first try, you are convinced. The fire-blowing pipe is not only practical and pleasant when making a campfire, it also helps to light a fire at the fireplace at home.

Grilling with a blowpipe

Use when grilling

At the beginning of the grilling, the coal must first glow properly. This takes a while. With a blowpipe, this process can be accelerated significantly. The air is blown concentrated into the glow. Without smoke on your face and without exertion.

Make a fire with a blowpipe

Lagerfeuer mit Blasrohr

A blowpipe is not only useful for grilling. Even if you want to enjoy a nice evening around the campfire, you can quickly light a fire in a fireplace or fire bowl with the telescopic blowpipe. Especially if the wood is a little damp, it is usually not much fun and only smokes. The whole thing becomes much more pleasant with the fire blow pipe.

Specifications of the blowpipe

The blowpipe is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is high-strength, rust-resistant and heat-resistant. When extended, the blowpipe is about 54.6 cm long, when pushed together it is only about 9.7 cm long. Together with the bag, it only weighs about 30 g.

The scope of delivery includes a telescopic blowpipe and a matching cotton bag.

Specifications and material blowpipe no

Questions about the blowtube

We are happy to answer all questions about the blowtube. We are by E-Mail or via our Contact form easy to reach!

What should I look out for when buying a blowpipe?

One should be careful not to buy one that is too big or too small. If the blowpipes are too large, the air is bundled enough. If the blowpipe is too small, you can directly save yourself. Our blowpipe is a good size.

Other blowpipes are cheaper than Wikatech's blowpipe. Why is that?

The Wikatech blowpipe is of high quality and durable. In addition, unlike other blowpipe, it has one more element and comes with a practical cotton pouch.

How long does the blowpipe last?

The blowpipe should last at least 10 years with good care. The stainless steel is rust-resistant and shouldn't warp or anything like that over time.

Do I really need a blowpipe?

You don't necessarily need a blowpipe, of course, but once you have it you don't want to be without it. Anyone who likes to make a fire can use a blowpipe. Plus, it's the perfect gift.

Telescopic blowpipe on the canal
Blowpipe extended to start the fire