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Hobo Stove FlexFire 4

  • Medium Firebox Stove Quality "Made in Germany". Fast assembly, easy use. Flexible in its usages.
  • Flexible in terms of the type of fuel, Capable of handling multiple fuels! All types of wood, spirit stove, Trangia, gas stove, gel stove, solid fuels such as Esbit or coal can be used
  • Environmentally friendly, CO2-neutral operation of the wood stove possible. Ash plate to protect the floor against excessive heat. Robust thanks to the use of high-temperature-resistant V4A alloy, dishwasher-safe So light and compact to store.
  • Simple adjustment of the combustion and ash plate for the use of other fuels possible. Ideal distance between Trangia and pot bottom
  • The fire stove is your perfect companion for a camping fire in a wonderful atmosphere. Suitable as emergency stove. The Wood Stove is delivered in a high-quality canvas bag. Ugradeable to the 6-series!
64,95 €
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  • Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays (Other countries)

A hobo stove is the constant companion of everyone who likes to be out in nature for a long time. It is not only used to cook very efficiently, but also to enjoy the atmosphere of a small campfire. A hobo stove is one of the "bushcraft essentials" of every outdoor enthusiast.

A hobo stove for every occasion

Fire the hobo with wood

Cooking with wood

Making a fire with wood and cooking on it is the classic method of using a hobo. You can also enjoy a nice campfire. Since no fossil fuels are used, wood is very environmentally friendly when traveling.

Hobo as a wood gasifier

Als Holzvergaser

With the optional Pellet-Platte wood pellets can be burned or gasified very efficiently. Pellets are inexpensive and easy to transport. Once the fire with wood pellets burns properly, it does not smoke.

Hobo with alcohol burner

Alcohol burner as an energy source

Alcohol burners can be used very easily together with the FlexFire 4. Either you place the burner directly on the burner plate or put it in the Trangia-Plate. Gas burners can also be easily combined with the FlexFire 4. Alcohol and gas are allowed to be used in many places where fire is prohibited. Of course, this must also be found out beforehand.

Fuel paste and gel as fuel

Esbit and fuel paste as fuel

Esbit pieces are amazingly strong and suitable for cooking.

Fuel paste is particularly useful indoors as it does not produce any toxic gases. A FlexFire 4 can be used in combination with fuel paste to keep food warm.

Specifications and scope of delivery

Material of the FlexFire 4

The entire FlexFire series is made from a rustproof and heat-resistant stainless steel-titanium alloy. This alloy has a particularly low warpage and can withstand very high temperatures over a long period of time.

Hobo stove dimensions

Dimensions FlexFire 4

  • built up: 113 x 113 x 173 mm
  • Pack size: 200 x 120 x 7 minimum
  • Weight: 518 g including pot holders and bag
Scope of delivery FlexFire 4

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x frontplate fire
  • 1 x backplate
  • 2 x sideplate
  • 1 x baseplate - FlexFire 4
  • 1 x asgplate - FlexFire 4
  • 1 x potholderset
  • 1 x bag - FlexFire
  • 1 x manual - FlexFire

Delivery without pot, fuel, gas burner or Trangia!

Cotton outdoor bag

The FlexFire bag is stable and durable. It can be washed and is not susceptible to dirt.

In addition, the bag can be used for both the FlexFire 4 and the FlexFire 6.

Outdoor bag

Just upgradeable

The FlexFire series is designed so that you can easily switch between the variants. So it is possible to buy a FlexFire 4 first and upgrade to the FlexFire 6 later. In addition, once you have all the parts, you can decide which size you need on the next tour.

In addition to the changeable size, many other functions can be used more easily with additional parts than with the basic parts. For example there is a Trangia plate.

Expand hobo
Hobo stove

Where does the word hobo stove come from?

The word originally referred to North American migrant workers. They often used empty tin cans as stoves. The chimney effect made it so easy to keep warm or cook. A hobo stove heats the pot much more effectively than a traditional fire because less heat is lost on the sides.

What makes a hobo so special?

Chimney effect hobo

Effective through the chimney effect

Because of the chimney effect, hobo stoves work so well. The air flows to the fire from below. It is pulled up by the heat and the elongated shape. This means that fresh air always comes to the fire and the wood burns very effectively without actually smoking. It is also important that the openings on the sides are not too large. Otherwise there will be strong turbulences that weaken the effect.

Durable and sustainable materials

Long-lasting and sustainable

A FlexFire 4 cannot break with normal use. Even if a part should bend, you can simply straighten it yourself.

However, should a part be severely damaged, it can be replaced without any problems. So far we have not received a request to replace a part.

Questions about the FlexFire 4 hobo

What is the best way to clean the FlexFire 4?

There are several ways to clean the FlexFire 4. The simplest is at home in the dishwasher. Of course, you can also wash the individual parts under water with a sponge and, if necessary, with a little washing-up liquid.

Is discoloration normal?

Yes, the FlexFire is discolored compared to when it was new. The panels usually warp easily at very high temperatures. This does not affect the function.

Can I light a fire anywhere?

No, especially in summer you should pay attention to the local regulations and rules, as there is a risk of forest fires. Cooking with a trangia or gas burner is often allowed or tolerated. But there is no general rule.


We are happy to answer all questions about FlexFire or outdoor stoves in general. We can be easily reached by email or using our contact form.