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Nordic Pocket Saw Fold

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- Razor-sharp cutting teeth that cut when pulled - The saw blade has 6 cutting teeth per inch and also cuts by pulling. The handsaw is easy to use and works like a traditional Japanese pull saw. - Swedish quality steel - The saw blade is made entirely of Swedish steel, the hardest steel in the world. This lightweight garden saw cuts branches and sticks with ease. - Saw blade for all types of wood - This blade can be used to cut fresh wood such as sticks or branches up to 5 inches. You can also saw plywood or other wooden boards. - Standard saw blades can be used - Due to the standard saw blade shaft, the robust handle can be used with any reciprocating saw blade available on the market. Simply change the blade and you can cut metal, rubber, PVC, bones or meat. - every saber saw fits - blades according to international standards. This lightweight and foldable saw comes with a reciprocating saw blade.
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