About us

Our Story

It all started with an idea: a flexible fireplace. While there were different sizes of outdoor stoves and hobos on the market, several incompatible sets always had to be purchased. So we started developing our own system, the FlexFire. Many problems lay before us. Which material is best suited for our requirements? What does a bag look like that works for all sets? How can the quality be ensured? How can we produce in Germany? But the design and marketing were also new to us. Then after about a year of development, we were satisfied with our product and started selling through our online shop. We have now established ourselves as a quality brand in the outdoor sector and are working on new high-quality products.

Our Vision

We are convinced that customer proximity is the most important thing. That's why we keep a lot of contact with existing customers, mostly via WhatsApp, Instagram or email. Furthermore, we are always very happy to receive messages and requests from the community. For example, we were able to make the FlexHold compatible with systems from other manufacturers. In addition, quality and functionality mean a lot to us. We don't bring a product to market that isn't really ready. We have already had to discard many concepts and the development of our products is an ongoing process. Of course, a lot of feedback from beta testers always flows into this.