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StormFire Premium

StormFire Premium

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StormFire Premium


- Stainless steel titanium alloy

- Cotton bag




108 x 108 x 150mm

Pack size and weight:

160 x 110 x 14 mm

700 g incl. pot holders and bag

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Cook on the go

The StormFire allows you to cook quickly and easily on the go. Of course, you can also simply use it as a small fireplace and enjoy campfire atmosphere.

Possible applications

A StormFire should not be missing from any outdoor activity. Use the stove to prepare food, warm up or enjoy the campfire atmosphere.

  • With alcohol

    The StormFire can be perfectly combined with many different spirit stoves. For example with our Ultralight stove.

  • Solo Trip

    Alone you can sometimes enjoy nature best.

  • Make fire

    Being able to make a fire on the go is a special privilege. The floor can be best protected with the ash plate and a fire protection mat.

  • Use as a grill

    The StormFire can easily be used as a mobile grill with the grill plate.

  • Use with gas

    Use gas with the StormFire to cook or grill comfortably.

  • StormFire Ultralight

    Set up without a front panel, the StormFire becomes very light. In combination with our aluminum burner, this is a true ultralight setup .

Wind protection

We have designed the StormFire very windproof. So you can cook in almost all conditions.

By inserting the locking plate, the opening in the front panel can be closed. This is also possible during operation. The weather can change. Wind protection is particularly important when using a spirit burner. In addition, closing the cutout improves the chimney effect and the hobo can burn better. Of course, the locking plate can also be removed when using the pot holders.

Control air supply

The air supply of the StormFire' can be easily controlled with the pot holders and the ash plate. For example, you can first light a fire, let it burn down a bit and then let the embers glow slowly by closing the air supply. This not only allows you to cook longer and more relaxed with wood, but also to adjust the temperature.

Flame directly on the pot

The flame of the Trangia burner perfectly surrounds the pot for maximum effectiveness.

Simple assembly

Assembly is done in the following steps:

1. take the back plate and insert the two side parts.

2. insert the firing plate and ash plate,

3. and close with the front plate.

4. insert the pot holders and

5. then insert the closing plate


Size and material

The StormFire is made of a high-quality, temperature-resistant and therefore low-distortion stainless steel-titanium alloy. The material is clearly visible in the structure. This was the only material that met our requirements for durability and weight. 

The StormFire comes in a high quality cotton bag. This bag is durable and suitable for all accessories.

Scope of delivery

- 1 x front panel fire

- 1 x rear panel

- 2 x side panel

- 1 x closure plate

- 1 x grill plate StormFire

- 1 x holding plate - StormFire

- 1 x Pellet plate - StormFire

- 1 x Burning plate - StormFire

- 1 x Ash plate - StormFire

- 2 x Pot holder set StormFire

- 1 x Bag - StormFire

Delivery without pot, fuel, gas burner or Trangia!

Erfolgreich bei Kickstarter

Gestartet sind wir mit dem StormFire 2022 erfoglreich über Kickstarter.