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UltraLight: Spiritus Kocher aus Aluminium mit Carbon-Filz

UltraLight: Spiritus Kocher aus Aluminium mit Carbon-Filz

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    • ✅ Cooker box made of aluminum with high-temperature resistant carbon felt. Extremely light and efficient at around 23 grams
    • ✅ The carbon felt ensures better ignition properties in the cold and serves as leakage protection when bumping. Suitable for ethanol, alcohol, spirit and alcohol-based fuels.
    • ✅ With lid seal. If you forget to let the can burn out, the lid protects against leakage.
    • ✅ Suitable for all WiKa outdoor stoves such as FlexFire, StormFire and LightFire. As well as for other cooking systems from other manufacturers.
    • Ideal for tracking, biking, camping buscraft and other outdoor activities. Fast, easy and good


- Aluminum

- Carbon fiber


Diameter: 70 mm

Height: 25 mm

Weight: 23g

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  • Cooking everywhere

    With our burner can you can easily and quickly cook on the go. The very lightweight design is exceedingly powerful and has comparable properties to a classic spirit burner.

  • Quickly ready for use

    Screw on the can and light it. That's how quickly the stove is ready. 65 ml of spirit is enough to cook pasta in 500 ml of water.

  • Simple and safe operation

    The screw cap of the burner box is best opened with two hands. Ignition is possible from the side. This is easier than lighting comparable stoves.

  • Weight

    With only 23 grams, the burner can really belongs to the ultralight stoves. That's less than four 20 cent coins. Completely filled with spirit, the can weighs 70 grams.

  • Does not leak

    Inside the can is a carbon fiber fleece. This ensures that the filled spirit does not immediately leak when knocked over. This means a significantly increased safety compared to conventional alcohol stoves.

  • Carbon Fiber Felt

    The carbon fiber felt used can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees and ensures that the spirit burns evenly and not too quickly.

  • Seal

    The built-in seal ensures that less spirit smell can escape. In addition, you are somewhat protected if you forget to burn out the can. Only when extinguishing the flame you should follow our tip, otherwise the seal can be damaged.

  • Extinguish correctly

    To extinguish the flame, we recommend to put the lid upside down on the can. If the lid is placed as if it were screwed shut, the seal may be damaged.

  • Use with the StormFire or FlexFire

    The burner box can be used perfectly together with the StormFire. For this, you put the burner box on the burner plate in the uppermost position. The insert plate is not suitable.

  • Use like a Trangia burner

    Overall, the burner box can be used just like other spirit burners or a gel burner.


Weight and dimensions

Diameter: 70 mm

Height: 25 mm

Weight: 23 g

Material: aluminum/carbon fiber flow

Capacity: 65 ml

The spirit stove fits in any pocket and at 23 grams is 10x lighter than a smartphone.

Scope of delivery

1x burner can

--> 1x can

--> 1x lid

--> 1x carbon fiber flow

Delivery without fuel, gas burner or Trangia!

Tips for using from Detlef