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FlexFire 6 Plus

FlexFire 6 Plus

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FlexFire 6 Plus


- Stainless steel heat resistant titanium alloy

- High quality cotton bag




113 x 173 x 173 mm

Pack size and weight:

200 x 200 x 13 mm

518 g incl. pot holders and bag

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The best grill is the one you can always have with you! The FlexFire 6 Plus is a mobile grill that can be easily plugged together. Of course, this Plus variant of the FlexFire 6 is also optimal as a powerful fireplace and Hobo.

  • Charcoal grill

    Flexible grilling with charcoal or wood is very possible with the FlexFire 6 Plus. Plugged together you get a powerful and portable charcoal grill. This mini grill should not be missing on the next camping trip! Especially with regard to all other functions.

  • Camping gas grill

    At the moment we are still working on a gas insert, which will significantly improve grilling with gas. Nevertheless, gas burners can already be used very comfortably with the FlexFire 6 Plus. 

  • Transportable fire bowl

    We especially recommend its use as a mobile fire bowl and campfire! With a fire as wood you create a really special atmosphere everywhere. Make fire in the FlexFire 6 Plus is especially fun, because this burns particularly well thanks to the chimney effect.

  • Hobo erweitern

    BBQ in the garden

    Establish a relaxed barbecue with the FlexFire 6 Plus in the garden. On tables made of stone, it is also possible to put the FlexFire on the table. So you then have a charcoal-based raclette machine!

  • Material: rustproof, heat-resistant stainless steel titanium alloy

  • Multi-fuel capable - can be used with fuels such as wood, Trangia spirit insert, fuel paste, Esbit

  • includes ash plate as floor protection

  • Wall thickness: 0.8 mm

  • includes high quality cotton bag

  • manufactured in Germany

Specifications mobile barbecue

High-quality material for maximum performance

The entire FlexFire series is made of a rust-free and heat-resistant stainless steel titanium alloy. This alloy is particularly low in distortion and can therefore withstand very high temperatures over a long period of time.

Dimensions FlexFire 6 Plus< /p>

Assembled: 113 x 173 x 173 mm

Pack size: 200 x 120 x 13 minimum

Weight: 1072 g including pot holders and bag

Scope of delivery

- 1 x front panel fire

- 1 x front panel grill

- 1 x grill panel - FlexFire 6

- 1 x rear part

< p>- 4 x side panel

- 1 x fire plate - FlexFire 6

- 1 x ash plate - FlexFire 6

- 1 x pot holder set

< p>- 1 x bag - FlexFire

Delivery without pot, fuel, gas burner or trangia!

The barbecue mode

To be able to grill as effectively and pleasantly as possible when using as a charcoal grill, the coal must not burn too quickly and hot. To ensure exactly that, we have developed the grill mode. Since the FlexFire 6 is a barbecue to plug together you can adjust many things, including the air supply. 

In Grillmode, you can choose to put the fire or ash plate in the upper position and put the coals on it. Our recommendation is to put the ash plate on the normal position of the burning plate and the burning plate in the upper position.

Questions about the FlexFire 6 Plus

Do I need to clean the FlexFire 6 Plus?

It is not absolutely necessary to clean all parts of the FlexFire, but it is recommended to clean the grill plate, because here yes the food is always on it. You can clean this quite normally with water, dishwashing liquid and sponge or also in the dishwasher.


Can I barbecue anywhere?

No, especially in summer you should make sure to grill only at designated barbecue areas. Especially the barbecue with coal and wood is dangerous and can cause forest fires. In addition, always make sure that you take your garbage and extinguish the coal with enough water.

Is the FlexFire 6 Plus difficult to assemble?

The assembly of the FlexFire series is by no means complicated or difficult. With a little practice, it should only take a few seconds to set up.

Can the grill plate warp?

Normally, the grill plate warps only minimally and temporarily. If you put something cool (for example, meat from the refrigerator) on the grate can be increased to slight distortion.


Is discoloration normal?

Yes, discoloration occurs with the FlexFire compared to the new condition. At very high temperatures, the plates usually warp slightly. This does not affect the function.