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An outdoor stove is more than just a way to prepare food. A FlexFire is, in addition to an outdoor stove, also a mobile fireplace. So you can create a cozy atmosphere where and when you want. Not only wood is a possible fuel for cooking, but also coal, gas, spirit, Esbit, wood pellets and gel are good energy sources. An outdoor stove is small and light and can be taken and used anywhere.

Outdoor stove FlexFire: the all-rounder in the outdoor kitchen

The best outdoor stove is the one you have with you - only take what you need with you. The FlexFire is very practical and flexible to use and should not be missing on the next hike with a snack break. The FlexFire is ideal for cooking.

The FlexFire series covers most areas of application for an outdoor stove. The system is incredibly flexible in size and fuel. So you can easily switch between the smaller FlexFire 4 and the larger FlexFire 6 with the same parts. You can pack the parts individually or just buy the smaller version first and upgrade later at a reasonable price.

There are many ways to operate a FlexFire. In addition to wood and spirit, other fuels such as wood pellets or Esbit are also possible. A gas cooker can also be conveniently installed. FlexFire is a true multi-fuel stove.

  • Outdoor stove wood

    Wood is probably the most beautiful way to operate the FlexFire. Everywhere in nature is suitable wood to find (it may also be somewhat moist) to make a fire in the FlexFire. This way you don't have to take any fuel with you. Moreover, you can enjoy a real campfire and its atmosphere. The FlexFire protects the environment, but still the local regulations regarding forest fires must be observed.

  • Outdoor gas cooker

    Cooking with a gas cooker is very pleasant. The heat can usually be easily adjusted - like with a stove.
    Gas is lit very quickly and immediately reaches operating temperature. So you can cook very quickly and enjoy your food.
    The FlexFire gives a conventional gas cooker support and wind protection. The cooking surface is stable and even larger pans and pots can be used without any problems.

  • Camping stove with fuel paste

    Burning paste is very easy and inexpensive to buy everywhere.
    Burning paste burns hot enough to cook in a relaxed manner and hardly develops an odor, as gas or spirit do.
    The use of burning paste is also safe indoors, if all fire safety measures are observed.

  • Alcohol camping stove

    An alcohol stove is very easy to use. After the spirit has been poured in, the alcohol only needs to be lit. This works particularly well with a fire starter.
    Spirit is very cheap and easy to use. A disadvantage is the relatively high weight. If no alcohol is available, an alcohol stove can also be used with high-proof alcohol.

What is an outdoor stove for? What is an outdoor stove?

An outdoor stove is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to use their stove on the go. This means you can easily take an outdoor stove in a backpack or bicycle bag. Outdoor stoves, powered by wood also called hobo stoves, have a small pack size and light weight. There are many different varieties of outdoor stoves, each in a different size and for a different fuel. The FlexFire is flexible in fuel and size.

Furthermore, the FlexFire is much more than just an outdoor stove. Normal outdoor stoves warp strongly when exposed to heat for long periods of time, this is not the case with the FlexFire. It may be used long and hard as a fire bowl. It is also possible to grill on the FlexFire. This is especially nice in nature or even in the park.

Outdoor stove FlexFire: Perfect for on the go

The FlexFire sets are all delivered in a high-quality canvas bag. The FlexFire 4 and the FlexFire 6 have the same bag. This makes it easy to change later. All parts can be easily stowed away in the bag and fit into any backpack. So a FlexFire can always be taken with you without any problems. If you have several variants or the FlexFire Premium, you can decide before an excursion or before a tour which parts you need and only take these with you. This means you only have as much weight with you as is absolutely necessary.
A FlexFire can also be taken with you on activities where pack size and weight are important. It is always a good idea to have a FlexFire with you on hikes and trekking tours, camping, cycling tours, rock climbing, evenings in the park or canoeing in the wilderness.
The FlexFire 4 is still too big and heavy ? The StormFire ​​has many features of the FlexFire series and is even smaller and lighter.

Versatile combinable and expandable outdoor stove

The FlexFire system is designed to be highly variable and flexible. Thus, many functions can be realized with the same parts. The FlexFire series is also compatible with products from other manufacturers.

  • Outdoor stove with Trangia

    Who doesn't know them? The high-quality products from Trangia from Sweden. The FlexFire series seamlessly integrates many Trangia products, such as the Trangia spirit stove, into its own system. In this way, many functions, such as using spirit or fuel paste, can be taken over. A Trangia spirit stove can be used both with and without the Trangia burner.

  • Extensions of the system

    Through accessories, such as the Trangiaplatte or the pellet plate, you are very flexible in the choice of fuel.
    Another practical extension are the grill plates for the FlexFire 4 and FlexFire 6. With these plates you can easily grill on the go. The parts for grilling are included in the Plus variants.

  • Multiple FlexFire together

    It is also possible that you combine several FlexFire. If you meet with friends who also have a FlexFire 6, you can simply assemble them into a larger fireplace and enjoy a nice evening together. Sharing equipment is not only fun, but effective. The FlexFire series is not designed for this, but with a little time, almost everything in the series can be combined.

  • Safe underground

    To ensure safe use, the FlexFire should be placed on as straight and level a surface as possible. The surface should also be non-flammable and somewhat heat resistant.

  • Rearranging the FlexFire

    With the help of the supplied pot holders, the Hobo stove can be easily moved.

  • The right pots

    Stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and wrought iron pans work well. Coated pots are not suitable due to the very high temperatures, which can release toxic substances. It should also be noted that some pots are covered with plastic on the handle. When cooking over fire, this coating may catch fire. Smaller pots can be used using the pot holders. Our outdoor pot is ideal.

  • Attention hot

    Cook with fire is to note that this is very hot. It is best to let the fire burn down a little first and then add very sparingly. Thus, a lower temperature can be achieved throughout.

  • No combustible material in the vicinity

    Before lighting the FlexFire, the immediate area should be free of combustible materials. This ensures that a fire does not occur.

  • Wind - a problem?

    No, usually the fire is fanned even further by the wind. When using other fuels, the FlexFire should normally protect the flame sufficiently.

  • Do not use indoors

    The FlexFire should not be used indoors, as this leads to carbon monoxide poisoning and a high risk of fire. An exception is the operation with fuel paste. With fuel paste can be cooked or even food kept warm.

  • Gas and alcohol in winter

    In winter, it should be noted that conventional gas no longer works. It should be brought special winter gas. Also spirit can be ignited at colder temperatures more difficult.

  • One bag for all sizes

    The design of the bag makes it possible that this can be used for both the FlexFire 4, as well as the FlexFire 6. There are two Velcro strips on each bag. So you can first choose the small version and later upgrade to the larger.

  • Durable patch

    On each bag is a patch made of a special paper. The FlexFire logo is lasered into it. The material is very durable and can be washed without problems. It is easier to care for than, for example, leather.

  • High quality materials

    The bag is made of cotton by hand. During production, attention is paid to the highest quality. The Velcro is sewn on precisely and also the logo fits perfectly.

  • Material

    All parts are made of high quality stainless steel titanium alloy. Heat distortion is minimized and even a long firing at high heat is no problem. So the FlexFire lasts forever.

  • Sustainability

    All parts of the FlexFire can be 100% recycled. In addition, we do not use unnecessarily refined packaging. After all, what counts in the end is what's inside.

  • Easy to fire

    For making fire can be used almost anything from nature, if it is reasonably dry. Wood, bark and other brushwood are suitable.

  • Flexible in all countries

    For example, gas cartridges are not always available in other countries in the appropriate form. With a FlexFire, you can easily get out of the way of this problem.

Important questions about outdoor stoves

Which outdoor stove is the best?

Which outdoor stove is best depends on the application. Most applications are covered by the FlexFire. If you want something a little smaller and lighter, the StormFire is a good choice.

The outdoor stoves from Wika in comparison?

In comparison, the FlexFire is the only outdoor stove that can also be used as a fire bowl. Other stoves are partly a little faster to assemble. For this, the FlexFire is modular and flexible.

What type of outdoor stove are you?

Would you like to cook your food while camping or camping, or just enjoy a nice campfire with friends or family? Then FlexFire is perfect for you. You should look around for another outdoor stove if every gram counts for you and you just want to prepare food. The StormFire should suit you better then!

How long does a FlexFire last?

A FlexFire usually lasts forever with good care. If the FlexFire falls down and a part bends, you can usually bend it back by hand. Is nevertheless times a part broken or lost, individual parts can be bought uncomplicatedly afterwards.

Any questions?

We're happy to answer any questions about FlexFire or outdoor stoves in general. We can be reached by e-mail or via our Contact form< /a>easy to reach!

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