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Baseplate FlexFire 4 / LightFire / StormFire

Baseplate FlexFire 4 / LightFire / StormFire

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Burn plate for the FlexFire 4, LightFire or StormFire

As the core element of your FlexFire 4, LightFire or StormFire, the firing plate is required to hold the fuel and to ensure the air supply.

In general, the FlexFire 4, the LightFire and the StormFire, in all variants, are delivered including a burning plate.

However, if it needs to be renewed after extensive use of the FlexFire / LightFire / StormFire, or if it has been lost or damaged, it can be reordered here.

Tip: During normal use of the FlexFire / LightFire, the burn plate may bend down slightly due to high temperatures. If you now make sure that the curvature points upwards with every future construction, this process will be continuously compensated and you will be able to enjoy the burning plate for a long time and do not need to replace it!


Stainless steel titanium


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