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Fire blowpipe with mouthpiece and bag

Fire blowpipe with mouthpiece and bag

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Stainless steel blowpipe


- Stainless steel heat resistant titanium alloy

- High quality cotton bag




113 x 113 x 173 mm

Pack size and weight:

200 x 120 x 7 mm

518 g incl. pot holders and bag

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Vorstellung Blasrohr

The fire blowgun from Wikatech is a very high-quality blowgun made of stainless steel with a cotton bag. An additional element makes the telescopic blowpipe about 10 cm longer than conventional ones. In addition, the new version now also has an aluminum mouthpiece.

After the first use at the latest, you will be convinced of the necessity of the blowgun. The fire blower is not only practical and pleasant when making a campfire, it also helps to light a fire at the fireplace at home. Heat, sparks and smoke can be dangerous. A blowpipe solves this problem as it creates enough space for the fire.

  • Light barbecue

    At the beginning of the barbecue, the coal must first glow properly. This takes time. With a blowpipe, this process can be significantly accelerated. The air is blown concentrated into the embers. Without smoke in the face and without effort. In addition, the ash is stirred up less and does not land on the barbecue food.

  • Start fire

    A blowpipe is not only practical for barbecuing. Even if you want to enjoy a nice evening around the campfire, you can quickly make a fire in a fire pit or fire bowl with the help of the telescopic blowpipe. With the fire blowpipe, the whole thing becomes much more pleasant, especially with damp wood. This would smoke a lot without blowpipe.

  • Mouthpiece for comfort

    The aluminum mouthpiece provides optimum comfort and better contact with the lips.

  • Cotton bag for transportation

    In a practical cotton bag, the blowpipe can be stowed away and transported well.


Material of the blowpipe

The nine collapsible tubes of the blowpipe are made of stainless steel, the mouthpiece is made of aluminum and the transport bag is made of cotton. The materials are all high quality and last a long time.


extended: 54.6 cm

Pushed together: 9.7 cm

Weight: 32 g incl. bag

Scope of delivery

- 1 x telescopic blowpipe

- 1 x cotton bag

Delivery without pot, fuel, gas burner or Trangia!

Questions about the blowpipe

What should I look for when buying a blowgun?

You should make sure that you buy neither too big nor too small. If the blowpipe is too big, the air will not be focused enough. If too small, you can hardly enjoy the benefits of a blowpipe. Our blowpipe has a good size.

What makes Wikatech's blowpipe unique?

The blowpipe from Wikatech is high quality and durable. Also, unlike other blowpipes, it has one more element and comes with a handy cotton bag. In addition to the special length, the blowpipe also has an aluminum ammunition piece.


How long does the blowpipe last?

The blowpipe should last at least 10 years with good care. The stainless steel is rust resistant and will not warp over time.

Do I really need a blowgun?

Need you do a blowpipe of course not necessarily, but has it once you do not want to miss it. Anyone who likes to make fire can use a blowpipe well. In addition, it is the perfect gift.


Customer Reviews

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Harald F
Hochwertiges Blasrohr mit kleinen Optimierungsmöglichkeiten.

Das Blasrohr kommt sehr hochwertig daher und ist aufgrund seiner Länge wirklich in der Lage, auch mitten in ein größeres Lagerfeuer zu pusten. Das Mundstück aus Aluminium ist nicht unbedingt erforderlich, aber gibt dem Ende einen guten Abschluss. Die ersten Male braucht es zum Ausziehen des Teleskopmechanismus noch relativ viel Kraft, was sich durch ein wenig Silikon- oder Kriechöl verbessern lässt. Hier kommt auch mein Verbesserungsvorschlag für diesem an sich sehr gelungenen Artikel ins Spiel: Wenn das vordere Ende statt hochglanzpoliert etwas mattiert bzw. strukturiert wäre, wäre es noch einfacher, das Blasrohr auch mit fettigen/nassen Händen oder Handschuhen auseinander zu ziehen.