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FlexHold cup cross

FlexHold cup cross

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- Stainless steel heat resistant titanium alloy

- High quality cotton bag



180 mm x 40 mm

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  • Small pack size

    Lightweight and compact, still finds room in any backpack. Durable and robust, thus perfect as a permanent companion.

  • Flame guide in the middle

    Thanks to the special design, the flame is reunited in the center of the bottom of the pot. This allows a more efficient use of energy. 

  • Toothing for minimum contact

    The serration allows the flame more direct contact with the bottom of the pot and at the same time ensures high stability. So can be optimally cooked with pots on fire and a spirit burner.

  • High stability

    The high quality stainless steel titanium alloy allows high stability even under long exposure to temperature. Thanks to the design, even heavy pots and pans can thus be used.

  • Flexible

    The FlexHold is highly flexible and suitable for many applications. Examples include use with a spirit burner, the FlexFire or even other outdoor fireplaces. 

  • Optimal design

    The use with a spirit burner is optimally possible. The FlexHold is designed so that the distance between the pot and the burner is perfect. 

  • Good support surface

    The support surface of the FlexHold allows an even weight distribution of the pot. Nothing stands in the way of its use for camping.

  • Stable stand

    On a suitable base, it is possible to use large pots and pans with the FlexHold pot cross.

  • Small cups

    Quickly and easily enjoy a cup of tea? The FlexHold pot holder makes it possible. 

  • Stainless

    When camping, the equipment quickly gets a little wet, but that can not harm the FlexHold. It is made of a stainless high-temperature resistant stainless steel titanium alloy. 

  • Ultralight

    With only 87 grams, the FlexHold is ultralight and can be taken along without any problems when tracking or hiking.

  • Always there

    Small stowed and practical. If you are out and about, the FlexHold should not be missing.

  • Size and weight

    The pot holders are made of a special stainless steel-titanium alloy. This makes them very low distortion and allows a thickness of only one millimeter. The weight is 87 grams.

  • Assembled dimensions

    The dimensions are 180 mm x 40 mm.