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Wooden cup with lid

Wooden cup with lid

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Wooden cup with a lid


Burl wood, leather and cotton


300 ml volume

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Vorstellung Outdoortasse

  • Suitable for eating and drinking

    Our outdoor cups are made of harmless root wood. So you can just eat out of it. Nevertheless, we recommend to rinse the cup once before the first use.

  • Drinks and food stay warm for a long time

    Wood conducts heat much worse than metal. This means you won't burn yourself and your food will stay warm longer.

  • Lightweight material

    With only about 200 grams, the outdoor cup is light, because wood is a material with a low density. Of course, a wooden cup is also slightly thicker than one made of metal.

  • Attach to backpack with strap

    With the ribbon on the cup, you can easily attach it to your backpack. You can also tie the bag in this way.

  • Made of root wood - therefore particularly stable

    The wooden cup is made of root wood. There the grain is particularly dense. This leads to the fact that the cup is very stable and beautiful.

  • Large cup with 300 ml capacity

    We have decided to design the outdoor cup a little larger than most. So you can comfortably eat soup or other food from our cup.

  • With lid for food storage

    You want to store food overnight? Possible with our cup. Make sure that the food does not spoil at too great a heat.

  • With practical bag for transportation

    The cup comes with a high quality cotton bag. So you can always transport the cup and lid safely and comfortably.

Secure in the hand thanks to carving structure

The cup is pleasant to hold thanks to its surface structure. When eating, the handling is so very simple.

Scope of delivery

- 1 x outdoor cup

- 1 x blanket

- 1 x bag

Delivery without pot, fuel, gas burner or Trangia!