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Nordic Pocket Saw

Nordic Pocket Saw Premium Leder Version

Nordic Pocket Saw Premium Leder Version

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The Premium Version is the latest product from Nordic Pocket Saw. It combines elegance and concentrated power for everyone who wants the full package. We are proud to tell you that this product is made from 100% certified leather from Swedish farms.

The Nordic Pocket Saw Premium is the perfect companion for your outdoor activities. It is space-saving and small, but still very effective and powerful in use. Whether hiking with your friends or hunting, the saw will come in handy when cutting wood for a campfire. You can also attach them to your mountain bike or keep them next to your car's spare tire as you never know when a fallen tree will block your path. Already well known among outdoor adventurers, the Nordic Pocket Saw Premium is gaining popularity around the world. The double saw teeth on each link enable effective sawing in both directions and can be used by men, women and teenagers alike. This saw is built to withstand extreme conditions for many years with little maintenance as it is made from heat treated high carbon steel and durable leather. We Swedes know the extreme Nordic conditions and have developed a product that is ideal for people who value both quality and durability.


We chose Tärnsjö Tannery as our leather supplier because they offer animal skins from local Swedish farmers and their production is 100% organic. Leather is a heterogeneous material as it is obtained from natural resources. Therefore, the hides also differ in their color and appearance. It is a natural material and therefore needs extra care to maintain its properties and appearance over time. We therefore recommend our customers to treat the leather with leather balm from time to time to avoid the risk of cracks. It is also important to remember that direct sunlight will fade dark leather and that chemicals and detergents can damage the leather. If you take proper care of your premium saw, you will enjoy it for a long time.



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