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Outdoor-Tisch groß

Outdoor-Tisch groß

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✅ Geeignet für alle WiKa Outdoorkocher der FlexFire, LightFire und StormFire-Serie.

✅ Geeignet für bis zu zwei Trangia B25 B27 Kocher im Dualbetrieb oder im Singelbetrieb mit Kocher, geeignet für Bushcraft Essentials Kocher, Bushbox, LF und XL

✅ Leichter Outdoor Tisch 100% "Made in Germany". Dank des Stecksystems extrem einfacher und schneller Auf- und Abbau

✅ Gefertigt aus Aluminium, platzsparende Bauweise, leicht und funktional in einem

✅ Sehr robustes und elegantes Auftreten durch Oberflächenveredelung

✅ Mit bis zu 10 Kg belastbar




Dimensions: 32.0 cm long, 25.0 cm wide and 14.5 cm high

Weight: 830 grams

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With the outdoor table from Wikatech you can make your next outing more enjoyable and safer! On the one hand, the comfort increases when cooking, because you have a shelf and do not have to put anything on the ground. Secondly, it increases the distance between the stove and the floor. So the floor is protected from too much heat.

  • Table for FlexFire series

    The outdoor table is compatible with the complete FlexFire series. The FlexFire 4 and FlexFire 6 can be used on the table. This makes cooking on the go more convenient and safe.

  • Use with Bushbox XL

    In addition to our stoves, other stoves are also compatible with the outdoor table. So is the Bushbox XL.

Compatibility at a glance

Overall, Wikatech's outdoor table is compatible with many different stoves and Hobos. Is your Hobo not listed here? Write us and we check the compatibility!

  • StormFire and LightFire

    Also with our other stoves, the LightFire and the new StormFire fit the cutouts in the outdoor table.

  • Bushbox and Bushbox LF

    Zusätzlich zur Bushbox XL passen auch die Bushbox und die Bushbox LF auf den Outdoortisch von Wikatech.

  • Cutouts for cutlery

    Some cutouts in the table are intended for cookware. Of course, all unused cutouts can be used in this way.

  • Prongs for leaning

    At the prongs of the outdoor table can easily lean knives or as shown here skewers.

  • Setting up plates for toasting

    With a firing plate from the FlexFire 4 or FlexFire 6, you can create a support for bread to toast it.

  • Cooking with Trangia

    Together with the FlexHold, the Trangia is perfect for cooking. The table gives the setup the extra stability and safety.


Specifications and scope of delivery

Dimensions outdoor table

32.0 cm long, 25.0 cm wide and 14.5 cm high

Weight: 830 grams

Outdoor table is made of aluminum. It is very stable and durable. Load capacity of the table is up to 10 kilograms.

Scope of delivery

- 1x table top

- 2x table support

Delivery without FlexFire, FlexHold, Trangia or other pictured items!

Outdoor table questions

Is discoloration normal?

Yes there can be discoloration. Often these are lime spots. These affect neither function nor stability.

Can I light a fire anywhere?

No, especially in summer should pay attention to local regulations and rules, as there is a risk of forest fires. Often cooking with a Trangia or gas burner is allowed or tolerated. However, there is no general rule.